“I’ll get ya to the city center, my darlin'”

A nine hour layover with the Irish

When you’re running on 1.5 hours of sleep the logical thing to do is go explore a new country all by yourself. Which is exactly what I did because I am a logical person. After getting off my 7.5 hour flight with a mother (of all people) kicking my chair, I had needed a break. More specifically, I needed a beer.

A lot of spur of the moment decisions were made during my 6 hour tour of the city. I got on a bus from the airport that dropped me off in the city center, and said a prayer. My bus driver was convinced that I was going to meet a nice Irish man and call my parents to say I wasn’t coming home. Sadly, he was wrong.

Since I had no idea where I was, my only option was to be a typical tourist and jump on a “hop on, hop off” double-decker bus. The tour guide took us all over the city, provided history, government bashing comments, and shared his hilarious road rage with us. There were over 20 stops, and you could get on or off at anytime you wanted.

I, wanting to be completely immersed in the culture, got off at the House of Guinness stop. What I thought was going to be a sole drinking activity was actually a 2 hour tour of the place. Sadly, I didn’t get to go on the tour OR get a beer. Dublin failed me.

I did get to do some people watching though… one girl slipped on a banana peel and it was very dramatic. I guess those suckers really are slippery. Also, one very grumpy old man learned that crisps are chips, and chips are fries. Some people’s grandparents I tell ya.

Well that is all for a while. Once my actual job starts (tomorrow) I won’t be writing as much, because well, work.


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