European coffee pisses me off

I understand that America is infamously known for their oversized portions, but for the love of God just give me a normal sized coffee. If I wanted to drink a shot of bitter bean water then I would crush up my own beans. Starbucks even failed me. Unless of course I were to pay four euros for a cappuccino. Not today, Europe.

I thought I was sort of getting the hang of Catalan. My trip to the library proved otherwise. But really, if you can’t check out a magazine, then why put it out? It took 15 minutes to find a magazine that I could check out.

When I took the train into the city for the first time I didn’t get lost. That was my one success for the day. My semi-fail was drinking a pitcher of sangria before eating lunch. If I’m honest, it hit me pretty fast. It definitely made ducking from tree branches more difficult!

I blame the sangria for my decision to pay 12 euros for a picture of me standing in the window of la Casa Batlló. At first I thought, “Eh, why not. It’s very rare that I take a decent picture.” I was fine with it until I had to physically hand over the money. The cashier was like, “Ok, 12 euros.” I wanted to be like, “Yes I’m aware, just stop saying it out loud please!” Instead I paid with a bunch of coins- just to be difficult.

Thanks to Antoni Gaudí, there is a crap load of amazing architecture in Barcelona. It was definitely an enjoyable weekend. However, I need to remember that I am not a Kardashian and that I can’t be throwing euros all over the place just for funsies. Next time I visit, I’ll be swimming in the Mediterranean Sea!

Side note: The Sephora here has a slide, and I have no shame when I go down it.


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