Beaches y Sitges

For me, happiness and peace can be found at the beach where you can either listen to the waves- or join them. Always join them. There’s nothing more relaxing than beachside bars, fresh coconut, and the beautiful teal water. It’s not so relaxing when you jump off your sailboat to do a little swimming, and you see a giant jelly fish coming your way!

It’s no Bali, but here are a few pictures from my numerous trips to the Mediterranean Sea!


The beach in Barcellonetta looks beautiful, but the water is full of garbage. There are a ton of garbage bins all around, yet people still don’t get it. Marine life shouldn’t suffer because humans can’t properly throw away their garbage.

First time sailing

I crossed another thing off of my bucket list- sailing! Well, more like I sat on the boat holding a sleeping 3 year old while trying to not get my hair stuck in the ropes or the mainsail. But it still counts.

This is where I went for a little swim and was pursued by a jellyfish. Luckily, I didn’t get stung and there was no need for a ‘Friends’ scene reenactment. The episode I’m referring to is, “The One With The Jellyfish” for any of my uncultured readers 😉

sitges, rocks

Sitges is probably my favorite town that I visited so far. It’s a small little town with old and narrow streets, stores, and gelato. The gelato gets me every time. I really do have a problem. The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun loving- just like the people. Even those selling souvenirs were chill. If you wanted to look they didn’t hassle or follow you around.

The town was amazing in all aspects. The water was clean, the people were great, and at dinner there was pizza and alcohol. My kind of day!

Advice on how to be a better person: Put your garbage where it belongs and start caring about marine life, dammit!

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